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    music,walking,Face Booking, reading,writing, dancing, finding new ways to lose weight and keeping it off :)

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  1. Hello, Where can I find the chart? I would like to take a look at. I feel that I've grown a lot in the pass few months. I know I'm not a victim I know I'm a Survivor but I want to know how much of a Thriver I am thank you. Just want to let everyone know feeling really good today :D
  2. That is a good few words put together. You said how I feel some of the days.
  3. Welcome I Survivor too. Happy to be here and meet people like me
  4. Thank you so much my T told me I was a survivor and one day I'll become a thriver. P.S. you are a survivor too because you see you and you are living your reality that takes alot of strength.</B>
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