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  1. New Here

    Welcome to AS. I am so sorry you went through so much as a child. I hope you find the healing and peace that you deserve here
  2. Newbie

    Welcome to AS!!!
  3. Hi, I'm New And Wanting To Heal

    Welcome to AS!!! Mandi
  4. Trying To Break The Silence

    Welcome to AS!!! Breaking the silence is a huge step, but its the best step you can take. Just being here is a great start. Mandi
  5. Hi

    Welcome to AS!!!! Mandi
  6. Maybe I Was Lucky

    Welcome to AS. I love the name. Makes me think of the Beatles song
  7. Glad I Came Here

    and I just realized I misspelled your name, sorry about that.
  8. Glad I Came Here

    Welcome Hadly
  9. Just Joined

    Welcome Hovis
  10. Just Joined

    Welcome bluedove
  11. Hi

    Welcome to AS Kendall
  12. Hello

    Welcome! I hope you find the support you need and deserve here.
  13. Hello, New Here

    Welcome, Jane. This is a wonderful site full of great support. You have nothing to be ashamed of. The shame is on those who put us here. I look forward to talking to you in the future. Mandi
  14. A Little Nervous, A Lot New

    Welcome to AS! Hope you find it as healing as I have.
  15. Hey! I'm A Newb

    Welcome to AS. Hope that you find AS as healing as I have. Mandi