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  1. I spend some time playing basketball with my adoptive sister (and also survivor) Lucy. It was fun, and I am happy that I saw her smiling as well. Crystal
  2. CrystalGirl

    The Farm

    I did not sleep this night. Not a minute. In the early morning my parents got the keys for the house, and around half past eight we drove of. Basically, the house belongs to my "family", but since they are running out of money it belongs to the state. It is located a bit northeast of the city, so it took us a while to get there. By the time it came into sight, across some fields, my parents stopped. They asked me if I am sure about this, and, after I had thought about it for a moment (and shown my bad behavior of chewing on my bottom lip), I nodded. We drove on, and turned into the driveway. I
  3. CrystalGirl

    At The Police

    So... Sunday morning, in a village in the southeast of germany. I hardly fell asleep saturday night, so I didn't calculated much sleep. At 7:10 I had to get up, but I was completly awake around 6:30. About one hour later we left the hotel, at least 30 minutes earlier than planned. It wasn't the police station I went to after I had been freed, this was the small one of this village. But that also meant that I would talk about my past with a couple of total strangers. Our way to the police staiton guided us once across the city center, which was, for village scales, full of peoples. I know about
  4. CrystalGirl


    This morning (3. August) at 9 o'clock I departed heading south. I hadn't slept the night before, not a minute. I was just hugely afraid of returning. I am supposed to tell the police about a "regular customer" from backthen, who has been arrested about two weeks ago. In addition, I will visit my parents "farm", which is out for sale since some time. My t convinced me that it will help me getting along with my past. On the train from sylt to the german mainland it sort of "hit me" what I was on to. I had only crossed this dam once before, on the way from the clinic in southern germany to my new
  5. It will help, it already helped me. Telling your story, either partly or completly, is difficult. Everyone around here knows that. But everyone knows also that it helps. Crystal P.S.: How should I call you? cherry, berry oder cherryberry?
  6. Hello everyone I am from Germany, I am nineteen years of age, and for the first time I tell others about my story. I live with adoptive parents (not so hard to find out why), and I just started my first T (-herapy) about a month ago. I had my "bad time" almost from birth to the point I've been about 15 years of age. I do my best to behave right, but if I make a mistake please tell me. Oh, maybe I should say that I am in a wheelchair, just to tell the truth. But you don't need to handle me different in any way, I am not any different than "those people" who don't need a wheelchair or stuff like
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