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  1. Welcome to our family, sweetie.
  2. Welcome to our family, sweetie
  3. Welcome to our family
  4. Thanks you everyone!
  5. hehehe that's ok I was wondering where you got that from but I wasn't going to say anything.
  6. *many hugs* Welcome to the board sweetie.
  7. Thank you for the big welcome everyone. I'm glad I found this site.
  8. Thanks so much. This looks like a wonderful family. I'm glad to be a part of it.
  9. Hello everyone. I can't believe I didn't know this site even exhisted. Thanks you Vera for adding me on your lj friends list- this is an absolutely awesome site. Anyway, I'm 28. I was molested when I was about 7 and then again when I was about 8. I was also date r* about 3 1/2 years ago. Nice to meet all of you
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