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  1. I joined yday and feel in a similar kinda situation (ie lonely and VERY scared) but like you, i'm hoping that it'll get better with help from these lovely, amazing people you're not alone, we'll be here to listen whenever take care hun xxx
  2. Well done...that was a big step I didnt want to tell my dad, and wish i hadnt...but i was forced to after a month...and he told my stepmum hu was such an IDIOT about it all, saying she knew all along what had happened and i deserved it it was below the belt and has pretty much destroyed the trust i had with my dad, which was hard enough cos he was male!now they expect me to be totally ok and everything (they dont know much about it...but i think my dad'd rather pretend it never happened...and who knows about my step mum) neway...im goin off my point... Im glad you've done it and i reallly hope it gets better for you... Whatever happens, It WASNT you're fault...even not reporting it WASN'T wrong...I haven't yet...I cudn't...and unless you've been in that position no1 has the right to tell you what you did was wrong..you did what you could at the time.
  3. I agree hun, Ive not shared my story yet (and yea...ive not given myself time too yet) but just talking about random stuff to others can help and you may say something that helps someone else... so yea..you should be here hun Take care of yourself PM me if you want...even if i can't give advice, i can send a hug!
  4. Thank you all of you...i think im just feelin really scared and confused at the moment and just wish it would all just stop while i did my exams...then id deal with it (but thats what i said last year and i still haven't) I told my ex boyfriend something had happened (i couldnt bear seeing him after it happened) and the other day i was speaking to his mate and it was obvious that he'd told him a lot of personal stuff about me and i just felt really betrayed again. I guess it kinda knocks your confidence?
  5. Hi, I'm new here, and its taken a lot to get me here... Id just like to say thnx for this site...(obviously i wish no1 ever had to go thru stuff and there was no need for one like this...)I dont feel quite as alone noe...still scared and confused but i guess that takes time... (how much longer, i don't know)
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