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Silent Skye?



Skye here. One of Copper's Insiders. I know the rules and all the rest. Blog time.

It's been a while since I posted. Sorry 'bout that.

Truth be told, I haven't been doing that well. Part is the intensity of work we're doing in T. Not long ago, Aqua inadvertently pushed us too far and unleashed some things better left bound. It was days before Copper was really coherent and a week before I was comfortable talking again. I guess it's been two weeks now and I'm still pretty woozy.

At least now Aqua knows what a full manifestation of the Wall looks like.

It's been nuts here. Copper lost 3 hours in the middle of something fun and artistic. We don't know who stepped in or why. And another day we found ourselves in a strange place with no concept of where we were or how long we'd been there.

On a purely practical note, we've got ants marching all over the house. We were informed today that the Housemates are planning to move. (I do not think that the two fact are related, but there's no telling sometimes!) Furball had babies and we know that two didn't make it. I have no clue about the other two; Furball moved her nest at least twice to get away from a pack of grabby, unattended, snot-nosed brats that roam wild in the neighborhood. I'd hide from them too! But that means that we haven't seen the kittens in a week or more. It doesn't bug me 'cause I'm not very good with animals. But some of the others in the System are worried.

All the domestic drama aside, I'm not feeling great. Too much hard work. I haven't got any energy left to be Copper's backup. Hells bells, I've even been neglecting my blog!

So that's where I am. Enervated, exhausted, and ready to drop.

But I wanted to touch base so nobody worried too much.

Peace out,



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Hi Skye

I am so glad that you have decided to write. I am sorry that you are in such a state with therapy and the Wall. It just sounds like so much stress on anyone, let alone a Insider like yourself.

As for the kittens, I do hope that they are ok, I am not a fan of letting a cat be outside while she nurse and teach her kittens. I have had puppies in the past, and until they were about 4 weeks old and the weather of course was good they did not even venture out of doors. I am not admonishing anyone who had decided to keep the kittens and Furball outside but I am amazed that there were at last count 2 kittens still living. I would of thought that either the children in the neighbourhood, or wild animals or even pets would of gotten them somehow.

I am so glad that your able to give us an update, and, I wish you all the best in therapy and please take care of yourself. You are important not only to us on AS but also for Copper and the rest of the Insiders.

Peace Out


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Thanks, Alas.

The care and support here on AS mean more than I can say. Especially after today.

And frankly, I don't think there are any kittens still living. Furball spent a solid two hours just sitting on the porch with Copper and Ladybug. But then, maybe she sensed that there was a human crisis going on and that we needed her.

I'm really not coherent enough to type, but wanted to thank you for the reply.


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No need to apologized for not being coherent enough tonight, with all the crisis going on right now, and with Ladybug and Bee moving, yes, I do know that Bee is in the hospital getting help right now and I do wish her all the best and that she recovers soon,

Well, all I wanted to say is that you please look after yourself and the rest and be well.


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