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I'm New To All Of This. I Want To Feel Better.



Hello all. Im Ashley, a 19 freshmen in college. Im trying to teach myself how to become a survivor, but its not going very well. So, this is why im reaching out. Im not ready to tell my story, but im ready to slowly start dealing with what happened. Its starting to control my life and I cant take it anymore...I have so much life in me and I feel like its going to waste because im afraid to really live. Someone please help me....


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Hey Ashley :)

I'm Rachael, I'm 23 and all my 'shit' went down when I was 17. I remember it took me a few weeks to even admit to myself what had happened, and then a long time before I told anyone other than my best friend. So I completely understand not being ready, and the fact that you recognize this means you can be careful not to push yourself too far, which is great.

Although the fact that you are reaching out is a great step in the right direction, and although this site can seem like nothing more than just a site, please do not be afraid to relay on it. I have been here for nearly 4 years now, and its done wonders, just having somewhere you can go and talk about any thought you might not feel strong enough to tell someone in your day to day life.

So if you'd allow me, I'd really love to provide some of that support for you :) I have been where you are, and although it can seem like a struggle at times, IT GETS SO MUCH BETTER!

All you need is the strength and the support for when your struggling to remember that strength :)

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Thank you so much for getting back to me! Its so nice to know that people on here really care. Hopefully one day I'll be able to tell my story. Just, thank you :)

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