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  1. Got my pretty reckless album 4 days before the release date, so pleased! :D

  2. Hey there little girl, come inside...I've got some sweet things

  3. I've had better days man, I know better ways.

  4. ...feeling fed up...

    1. Little Mermaid Girl

      Little Mermaid Girl

      hope you feel better now.

  5. Welcome! I'm so glad you found us, I found this site 4 years ago and its done wonders helping me understand my issues and healing process. Anything you need, please don't hesitate to message me, we're all here because we need the compassion and understanding of people who know where we're coming from, so anything I can do to support you please let me know. Your safe here! Frozen
  6. I used to be the exact same way and although this is a pain in the ass, it is completely normal! It got to the point that I didn't work or study, just hid away in my house, having panic attacks at the thought of even just going out for some shopping. It still does affect me from time to time, but I'm much better prepared for it than I've ever been, and a massive part of that was acceptance. Acceptance of what happened to me, the emotional and physical scars it left me with, and most importantly, acceptance of myself. Once I started to love myself again, and accept that what happened to me w
  7. Hey ash, I'm so sorry your having a hard time right now. But please know that I can garentee everything you're feeling about the situation and yourself, has been thought by every survivor on this site at some point. It does not make you any less of a survivor, and you should take pride in every emotion you feel, not just the beneficial ones, because each one shows that your fighting against what happened to you making you numb. We all need these bad times, so when a good time comes along, its all the more beautiful. I know its hard to take pride in how your feeling right now, but YOU ARE F
  8. Hey Ashley I'm Rachael, I'm 23 and all my 'shit' went down when I was 17. I remember it took me a few weeks to even admit to myself what had happened, and then a long time before I told anyone other than my best friend. So I completely understand not being ready, and the fact that you recognize this means you can be careful not to push yourself too far, which is great. Although the fact that you are reaching out is a great step in the right direction, and although this site can seem like nothing more than just a site, please do not be afraid to relay on it. I have been here for nearly 4 ye
  9. So I was talking to a friend about thing I could do to preventing me relapsing and we eventually decided I should start a painting, something to take my mind off it, that I will have to scrub out if I give into my urges. So I've decided to post my painting in it's different stages on here, in hopes to inspire me to not give in, for fear of having to start again.
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