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I am so stressed right now - I've been offered an interview for a full time position, but firstly being under fitness to practise, I don't know if I could take on this position. Secondly, it's a full time position, and I really wanted part time as I don't know if I could cope with full time, plus it would mean that all my support that I've been putting in placewould disappear overnight since it's all Mon-Fri 9-5. I have 3 lots of counselling (though one hasn't started yet and one is due to finish, so 2 really), and all are weekdays. I can change one to an evening but I'd probably have a very long wait. I'd just gotten involved in some voluntary work which I was really looking forward to through a local mental health charity, but that'll have to go by the board too. And I had just got some peer support from the same charity but that'll stop too. I'm really stuck. I know I need a job because I need the money, but I also need my sanity. What should I do?

Forest x


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