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I'm scared and annoyed today. Scared because I went to a fitness to practise hearing with my friend, and as nice as everyone was, that was a very serious very harsh process, that could easily result in her not only not being allowed to become a nurse ever again, but also being stuck off from many other professions. I have to face one of these hearings next year, and I really don't want to. I'm annoyed because my counsellor yet again just doesn't seem to be listening to me. I've already told her that we don't match, and her approach isn't right, but yet I'm stuck there with her, with the same old approach, same T, same everything - not getting anywhere. And she added today that apparently I only have 10 sessions left - it seems they've taken off the time with my first T, which I was told they weren't going to do - I was told they were going to start over. Angry, angry, angry.

Forest x


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(((Forest))) - I'm sorry today was rough, and that your T and you can't seem to connect. I went through that before I switched mine so I can completely understand. Though today was rough I'm sure there is something you will be able to do to relax yourself and give your mind some positive vibes.


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