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Stupid sleep



So tonight I slept on the couch cause my husband and the kids were cuddling in our bed so peacefully and I was so tired I just wanted to sleep so I left them in there I chugged a beer before bed so I could actually relax and sleep( I know but it’s my choice of easy relaxation without having to try to hard) so I finally fall fast asleep and all of a sudden I’m dream about a friend from work and I hear a really loud clap like not in my dream but I’m real life and I jump and I completely freak out I look around and nobody’s up everyone is asleep and then I hear my daughters stupid toy going off in her room so I go turn that off and walk around to check everything and nobody is there so now I’m super paranoid and scared and now I keep having flash backs and I don’t want to lay back down so now I don’t know if I should chug another beer to go back to sleep or stay awake and not get any sleep and be super tired tomorrow at work 


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