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just an experiences and venting blog

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Good Day In Therapy

Hey, it's Allen. Today, we had therapy. I was super nervous about going, because we needed to tell her that what we were doing wasn't working. Turns out, we have a very good therapist! She completely rolled with it and with our ideas as if she'd made the plan herself. We even added something! I might have tagged it wrong, because I can't remember if this is CBT or DBT, but I think it's gonna be useful! I'm gonna attach the chart, but basically, you look at a situation. It can be comfor


Tiashe in Therapy

How we discovered it

Hey again, it's Allen. This is something that... is such a topic. There seems to be so much debate over recovered memories, but anyone who has recovered memories knows how real this is. I wanted to talk about our journey to discovery, though I admittedly don't remember a lot about it. (such are dissociative disorders I guess) From here, there will be some graphic details of intrusive memories and CSA, so please click away if you're not in a place to read that. It all started in mi


Tiashe in Our Trauma Journey


So.... I thought maybe using this blog as a safe space to share our experiences might help us. This is our first psot, so it's just going to be an intro and maybe some rambling. We're the Cosmos System, a mentally and physically disabled system who... well, we haven't figured out if we're DID or OSDD, but we're somewhere in there. There are over 80 of us, so it can be a bit chaotic, but I'm really glad we're all here and that I can be with everyone. Welve been on T for five years, but not a


Tiashe in About Us

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