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New Here, But Not New To Chat Or Hell


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I'm actually pretty worried about posting. I feel more comfortable sitting quietly in chat just watching. Trust issues ya think? Last year I reported my father and brother to local detectives and FBI. My brother has taken his sickness over to the Philippine's. They're doing nothing. My father is again harassing me. You'd think he'd out grown this by now as I've made myself pretty unavailable for many years, but he just keeps coming and law enforcement does nothing. About ready to do something bold. Not really sure what that will be. Maybe an ad in his local paper? Fliers to all his neighbors? Other things I'm sure we've all dreamt about. Who knows? All I know is that he has told me in the last 60days that he has contact with children. No one who CAN stop him, will listen. It's making me crazy.

Not sure what else to say or how I'm gonna post 24 more times in order to have a place to go to find real people in real time to hang with when it's too hard to be alone. Anyway, here I am...

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welcome to AS, so glad you find your way here. i hear you on what's going on with your father, and we're here to support you. there are so many forums and topics and people with questions that i'm sure you'll find yourself with 25 posts in no time, if the chat is where you want to be. and maybe you'll find something new along the way. try some of the forums farther down, if you like. i hope you feel safe and at home here. :aswelcomesu::supportu:

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And welcome to AS, I hope to see you in chat soon, and also on site if you need to use it also, :flowers:

Glad to meet you, and hope to get to know you better soon,



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Hey there, to new to chat to, I know how you feel. You can always pm people, that helps. So go ahead pm away. The people on this site are good about giving you someone to talk too so you dont have to be alone. PM me whenever you feel like it I cant ever sleep anyway! :notalone::type:

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I had a friend who told the office of the condimenium complex where her dad lived. She also wrote a letter to the local police department and told them if snything hsppened around there that he would be a person of interest. She too struggled with he fact that he was around children. But that is really all she can do. Posting fliers :laugh3: that would be a great idea. Just be careful because I am not sure what the legal repercussions would be.

As for the 25 posts......replying to any topic counts as a post.


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Welcome to AS :hi:

25 posts seems like a lot, but it adds up pretty quick. The humor and sillyness forum can increase your post count a lot. Just have a look around, there's plenty of places to post a few times. :)

take care :hug:

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HI shwankey

well i guess you will be my post #3. Everything will be ok. I know you will make it because as i get to know you, you show that you are a true survivor. Jenn :hug:

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