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  1. New To After Silence

    Welcome to AS take care
  2. Hello From Florida

    Welcome to AS I'm so sorry that this happened to you, and so recently. Everything must feel so overwhelming to you right now, I'm proud of you for reaching out here. Everyone here is very supportive and understanding. You are not alone anymore. Take care
  3. Got A New Screen Name

    Hi, I love the new name! take care
  4. Hello Everyone

    Welcome to AS I was pretty scared/nervous when I first joined here too. Joining a site like this can feel really really daunting at first. But I wanted to reassure you that it does get easier...eventually you start feeling more and more comfortable and safe. I'm really proud of you for reaching out, you will find plenty of support and understanding here. You are not alone, take care
  5. Hi, Im New

    Welcome to AS It's ok not to be sure about posting. There is no pressure here, you can post whatever you feel able to post or want to post. We are here to support you. Glad you stopped by and said hello, hope to see you around the board. You're not alone, take care
  6. Windy

    Hey, I remember you! Welcome back
  7. Hello

    Welcome to AS take care
  8. New, Scared, Confused.

    Welcome to AS take care
  9. Hello

    Welcome to AS Take care
  10. Newbie On Deck

    Welcome to AS take care
  11. Ello Xx

    Welcome to AS take care
  12. A Little About Me

    Welcome to AS I hope you find what you're looking for here. Take care
  13. Hya All Newbie Here

    Welcome to AS Glad you decided to say hello, I wasn't sure what to say when I first got here either. I hope that you find AS to be helpful to you on your healing journey. take care
  14. Time To Say Hello!

    Welcome to AS take care
  15. Hello :)

    Welcome to AS Post only when you feel ready to, there is no pressure here at all. I wish you the best on your healing journey, take care