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    Music. Writing. Tech Theatre. Kitty Cats....lots and lots of kitty cats!!

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  1. So how do you change your time settings? My time is never right. How ironic!!
  2. Welcome back!!! See ya in chat. T (kramer)
  3. I think I will have to give this time on Saturday. Dagnabbit! This computerizing thing is tuff!
  4. I dont know can I ? Lol What is this foreign language you speak? Thanks, I'll look into that T
  5. I can't stay on a page long enough to read or reply to a post. I know I am not that slow of a reader. It keeps logging me out when I click REPLY or finish reading a very short post. What the bleep is wrong with my comp? Please help.
  6. I had a friend who told the office of the condimenium complex where her dad lived. She also wrote a letter to the local police department and told them if snything hsppened around there that he would be a person of interest. She too struggled with he fact that he was around children. But that is really all she can do. Posting fliers that would be a great idea. Just be careful because I am not sure what the legal repercussions would be. As for the 25 posts......replying to any topic counts as a post. Welcome
  7. Yes... Replying counts. I was able to do it fairly quickly. But like you I didn't feel it was quick enough.
  8. Hi Mawa.... I tried answering your two messages but for some reason your account wount accept them. Come back soon. Theresa
  9. No need to be sorry..... You are not alone in those feelings. Welcome to AS. Theresa
  10. Welcome...I too am a kitty lover. I have 6 of my own. As for group, etc....Occasionally you will find it through churches or if you are near a university sometimes their counseling program will have individual/group therapy. You could maybe call a non emergence rape hotline (if there is such a thing) and ask about groups that may be in your area. Do an internet search with several catch phrases. That may help. Welcome aboard...you are coming in with a great attitude for healing. Theresa
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