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  1. jenn5


    ((((((Prairie)))))))) I agree sharing is hard on a message board but you did it :!: Sorry you suffered so much trauma in your life, but i am glad your are here. I hope you find what you are looking for with AS. Jenn
  2. HI shwankey well i guess you will be my post #3. Everything will be ok. I know you will make it because as i get to know you, you show that you are a true survivor. Jenn
  3. Hi too all I am new here. Wow, posting things about myself for everyone to read is a very hard thing to do! But, at this point i will try anything, because it seems like i am too old to still be dealing with past traumas and should just "get over it". It seems like things get worse the more i try and deal with it. I am told that it is normal. Doesn't feel so normal.
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