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Hello Survivors!


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Hello everyone!

I'm new to the idea of expressing my feelings over an online forum. I hardly express my feelings in person, but since recovering repressed csa memories this past year, I think it's something that I have to work on, if I want to connect with others, which has always been a problem for me for most of my life.

I just started on here yesterday and feel lighter already after making some posts, and replying to others.

My words may come out scattered at times, it's probably because I have so much to say that I just spew it out as quickly as possible and hope other's understand. So I think a great thing about this site, is the ability to learn how to express myself coherently.

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Welcome ^.^ I can't express myself easily either, disjointed is the best you'll get from me, usually, so don't worry about making sense straight off the bat, you're new, you'll get better :)

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Welcome. You 2ill find this a helpful place filled with support, understanding, and encouragemeng. Hope to get to know you more in the future

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Welcome, I to struggled to come to terms with the fact I was a victim of csa .Harder almost than the grooming and abuse by the paedophile is the fact that my family was so dysfunctional nothing was done about it. That almost hurt more than being abused.

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Hi Ellie,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry about the trauma you have suffered thru. This site is full of kind and supportive members to help you on your healing journey. I was so concerned with the words I spoke when I first came on, but you know what...everyone seems to understand. I feel much freer to speak and to be heard than I ever have before. I hope you find this same freedom. I wish you well on your healing journey.



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hello EllieMarie,

welcome to After Silence, my name is Paula and I am a member of the newbie support team here. I hope you're finding your way around okay, if you need any help, please contact me or one of the team, we are more than happy to help,

take care, Paula :hi:

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