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Problem With Profile Picture Upload

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Anytime I go to upload a pic for my profile pic, it says, "Failed to set new image."

What is going on?

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Hi :) Remember me? I joined right about the same time as you... I just figured this out yesterday. Here is what I did:

Here is what you do:
1. Sign up for a wordpress.com account with the same email address that you use on 'aftersilence'.
2. Once you have a wordpress account, you can upload one or more images to your Gravatar Account, one at a time. (I believe it will always ask you to crop it into an avatar-sized square.)
3. Once you open your profile pic on 'aftersilence', to edit, you simply choose the 'Gravatar' option, and it should be right there.

If you have trouble finding the exact wordpress gravatar link, here it is, as I found it in a google search:

Sign in to Gravatar with WordPress.com Connect


I hope that is useful. It worked for me, hope it does for you, too. :)

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Rose - apparently, the 'normal' way to add profile pics has not been working, so this is the only way that works, right now... (until it gets fixed)

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I cannot get to wordpress.com from here. ((i'm at school))

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Do you have another place where you can get on wordpress? Maybe the public library? A friend's house? I would offer to make you an account, but I don't want to know your personal information, such as your personal email address stuff.

In the meanwhile, you can add a picture to a post, and I can give you those instructions, if you want, too.

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Ok, for adding pictures to your post, this is what I did... (it may not be the most straight forward way, but, alas, I do not profess to be any kind of internet expert)...

Here is my method:

1. open the image in a browser window, by itself. (To do that, 'right click' the image and select: 'open image in a new tab'.)

2. go to the top of that tab, and just copy the whole strand of the URL address, (the same place where you see the address of the webpage you are on - that's the URL).

3. in the 'fast reply' message box, on the 'aftersilence' website, click on the little bluish-greenish icon (11th from the left, on the bottom row - just 3 icons away from the 'numbered list' formatting icon).

4. A box will pop up, for you to insert a URL address.

5. Just paste that URL address, you copied from the address of the page you find your image on, online.

(If you need to get your image uploaded to a web page, to begin with - so that you can link it to a URL address, just email the picture to yourself, then when you open it, right click it and select 'open image in a new tab' like I explained in step 1., and then follow the same following steps.)

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Any luck>

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I'm having trouble with this too :bookworm: just thought it was because I hadn't read the instructions or something. I'll try again later, or maybe with the Wordpress suggestion!

- It Worked! Wordpress was super easy - thanks for the info!

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