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    Music, Soccer, frogs, coaching, movies.
    I love the rain and the cleansing it brings.

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  1. Howdy!

    Hi Krista, Flodearnly, and Jenn, So sorry for what you have been through that made you reach out to AS. I am fairly new here as well. I have found everyone very caring and supportive. I hope you are able to find comfort here as well. Best wishes on your healing journey!
  2. Greetings

    Hi vivance! I'm sorry for the pain that caused you to need to reach out to this site, but you couldn't be in a better place. I've only been here for a couple weeks and I already feel more support from the people here than I've felt in my life. I hope you find the healing and support you need.
  3. New And Dejected

    Thank you, Mary! I'm tired of hiding. I feel like hiding has hindered my life but then again, I feel hindered in my life from opening up the wounds. I hope to feel the comfort that this site has provided to others.
  4. Problem With Profile Picture Upload

    Thank you, hearme!! You made me feel sane again and now I have a profile pic!!
  5. New And Dejected

    Thank you z63! So far so good. I feel stronger than I felt yesterday. I hope you find comfort as well!
  6. New And Dejected

    Thank you for your warm welcome, Anah. I hope you find healing on your journey as well. I agree with you, I have felt more support in the last couple days than I have in the last 33 years. Hi louiseroi! I'm sorry for what you have gone through! I think it takes a very strong person to reach out for help and I'm glad you found resources to help guide you towards a better you! Being a part of the AS family is proving to be a step in the right direction for me to become a better me.
  7. Cracked...not broken

    1. OpenEyes


      So the seeds can grow up and become strong trees ? This is resilience, isn't it ?

    2. restored33


      Ahh...openeyes, thank you for that response. I needed the reminder today.

  8. New And Dejected

    Hi all! I'm a little frightened to be posting anything here or anywhere, for that matter. I've had to hide away from this for 33 years. I am nearly 36 now. I've searched, in the past, for an outlet for the pain and all the other emotions that come with that pain and always came up empty. I am cautiously hopeful I've found a channel for those emotions. I welcome any advice in navigating through this site in order to receive its fullest benefits. I've already browsed around a bit. I've shed a few tears from some posts and smiled from others. That's encouraging, for sure! I'm looking forward to finding a safe place.