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  1. nycgirl a girt for you and a
  2. I want to break FREE !

  3. OpenEyes


    thank you nycgirl I've already looked on meet up but didn't find any group I'm sure I'll find something and anyway it is nice from you to help I use large fonts because I'm visually impaired, not because I have a big ego
  4. everybody for your words I definitely feel welcome and I love emoticones okay, there is something I want to say this kind of place is good to me as I can be my self for true, no need to pretend, to be nice when I feel or being true is something I am learning and letting be ... and it's really
  5. OpenEyes


    Hi dears I'm new here and posted in WELCOME first Now I'd like to know if anyone has informations about a support group in Calgary ? I'm gonna move there soon and need this support asap I'm leaving my country because it became unbearable to live here, it's like faing up my abusers all time long, I'm not able anymore it makes me feel so sick and my life is a burden I can't carry anymore So I need a change, a LOOOOONNNNG distance between them (my family and its denial ) and me I thought nobody would understand how hard it is for me to stay here, but since I started to talk my truth I think a different way There might be some people to understand that staying here means "DYING" So if you have any informations about a group of survivors of incest and sexual assaults in Calgary; please tell me I went on the website mentioned above here, but didn't get any answer to my email yet I'm leaving next may and time flies ... I must say that I'm getting stressed not having any contact there already Hope you can help
  6. Hi everybody ! I'm new here and glad to read, again and again, "you are not alone". This is something I should never forget, especially when I'm going through hard moments. I'm french, yes, from France, and because of my life quite full of sexual assaults, I can't trust french people anymore. I'm glad I can speak english so I could sign up here ! After silence is exactly the stage I am now, and it's both a suffering and a relief. But now I know where the suffering comes from, so I have power on it, at last ! Talking and talking about the secret is helpful as it is not mine anymore ! I disobeyed and proud of it each time I talk, disobeyed then, I feel a little more strong I WON'T SHUT UP ANYMORE So that's why I'm here, and I feel more safe with "not-french" people Thank you very very much to the people who started this site
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