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Hurts to breathe

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  1. I'm so glad I see T in the morning it's been a rough day 😔 there's someone trying to cause trouble in my family 😤 and just found out that the parents of my abuser are gathering evidence to get him out of prison 🥺 it's not bad enough that he got away with everything he did to me but now he's going to get released and have no punishment at all 😫 it's like they're saying everything he did to me was ok I feel so broken 💔😭

    1. Pink Sky

      Pink Sky

      Sorry you had such a rough day @Hurts to breathe I hope that talking to your T will help you feel a bit lighter. Sitting with you 💛

    2. Hurts to breathe

      Hurts to breathe

      Thanks I feel so much better after seeing my T this morning he's great 

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