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Hurts to breathe

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  1. I'm so glad I see T in the morning it's been a rough day 😔 there's someone trying to cause trouble in my family 😤 and just found out that the parents of my abuser are gathering evidence to get him out of prison 🥺 it's not bad enough that he got away with everything he did to me but now he's going to get released and have no punishment at all 😫 it's like they're saying everything he did to me was ok I feel so broken 💔😭

    1. Pink Sky

      Pink Sky

      Sorry you had such a rough day @Hurts to breathe I hope that talking to your T will help you feel a bit lighter. Sitting with you 💛

    2. Hurts to breathe

      Hurts to breathe

      Thanks I feel so much better after seeing my T this morning he's great 

  2. I'm so frustrated 😫 my current therapist is great but because of this his schedule is packed I usually see him every other week which works good for both of us but sometimes It's a month in between sessions 😫 I just wish I wasn't too chicken to ask for his email address pro not personal of course 

    1. MeBeMary


      Sorry it is sometimes delayed. If you have a schedule tho, I don't think it would be improper to ask for a way to contact, if your normal session is delayed. He should understand a routine is best for you any client he may have. 

      Allow yourself to know it is ok to ask. He will understand. 

      Best luck to you. 

    2. Hurts to breathe

      Hurts to breathe

      Thanks for the reassurance it really helps It's almost like I'm completely new to therapy cause my previous Experiences wasn't good being heard is new to me 

  3. Why did you pick me What did I do wrong? I'm not making it up! I did Not want it! Why can't you admit it? You stole my childhood and ruined my adulthood
  4. The statute of limitations has ran out due to police dragging their feet and ignoring request from other detectives for needed files and interviews

    I have no way to get justice now😢😠

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    2. Hurts to breathe

      Hurts to breathe

      Thanks for the info I thought I didn't have anymore options the lady handling my case in tx where the assault took place lieutenant T has been very helpful and supportive she told me to talk to the DA of that county but I haven't I was just frustrated with the authorities in my current city and state I'll definitely talk to her thank you you have me the encouragement I needed even if I don't get the results I want at least I'll know I've done everything in my power I can't say how much it's helped to be able to talk to others who've been though similar experiences I wish I would've joined years ago wishing you all the best with your case 

    3. GreenHairDontCare


      I completely understand the frustration! In my case, my father sexually abused me as a child from the age of 4-15 and I, along with my sister (who was also sexually abused by my father) have just found the courage to go to the police about it. They told us since the statue of limitations has passed they can't charge him on the higher offences but they are still putting together a case and can still charge him on other things. I wish you the best of luck in finding justice for what was done to you, and I encourage you to seek out the proper authorities! I know it can be a scary and daunting journey, but just know that you are not alone and should you ever need someone to talk to, I am always here. Much love and understanding xoxo 

    4. Hurts to breathe
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