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  1. Born and raised in New Jersey. Short stay in both Newport Beach, CA and West Palm Beach, FL in my late teens/early 20's. Back to New Jersey for awhile and then moved to South Carolina about 4 years ago. I am here to stay...I absolutely love it.
  2. Nicole: I know where I wouldnt be and that is on this healing journey with so many individuals by my side. I might be attempting it alone but that never got me very far in the past. So it is I that should say Thank you for having me as a part of your "family" on AS.
  3. Welcome to AS. Glad you have joined us.
  4. Ray: At one point and time each and every one of us were that individual sitting on the other side of that computer screen. Each and every one of us had to put our first post up on AS. Although it will be one of the biggest steps you take, believe me it is worth every minute of it. I havent been on AS all that long but even in the short time I have been there I have made friends, been able to speak freely without judgement and have gotten some great advice/help. We are all here for you. I am proud of you for taking the first step in posting. It is difficult to read other posts on the site but it does get easier as you get to know people. At first, when I read some posts, I thought...yikes, my situation is nothing compaired to some of these individuals. You will learn real fast that not one person on here's situation is any more important, any more meaningful, any more powerful than your own. I am glad you joined us and I hope as time goes by you will, like me, make friends, learn to trust but most of all learn to heal. God Bless -
  5. Is there a way to have this post so that it is seen by ALOT of people? I feel like this should be read because it is a true testimony of how much AS helps survivors. It is a true testimony to the individuals on this site who reach out, care and love others despite their own pain, hurt and anger. There are not enough words for how greatful I am but I just wanted to let everyone know it. If you have been deeply touched by someone on this site please post a reply and let them know how thankful you are. Sometimes those words go unspoken yet they are some of the most important words that need to be heard.
  6. I dont even know if I am posting this in the right forum or not. I wish there was a way that I could post it on every forum so that all members of AS could read it. I started my journey to heal just a few weeks ago. My "T" is the one who directed me to this site. I must be honest and tell everyone that I didnt have great expectations of what a website could do to help in my recovery. But in such a short time I have come to gain trust in the site and the individuals on it. I have found comfort, caring and honest concern. I have made numerous friends and acquiantences. After communicating with so many individuals I am proud to say that my feeling of aloneness is fading (rapidly). The fact that someone can say "I understand" and you know that they truly do is amazing. I do not know how to put into words my gratitude for all of the survivors/members of this site. Each one of you is amazing. Your strength and courage is such an inspiration. Someone I have been communicating with rather extensively on this site sent me an email and wrote "I love you and I'm here for you as long as I have breath." Those words were the most beautiful, comforting words that anyone has ever said/written to me. The person who wrote that knows who they are and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. No words can express how lucky, greatful and overwhelmed I am. Although I am working harder on my religious beliefs (I turned my back on them while in all of my pain) I do believe deep down that God brings people together in life for a reason. I thank God for bringing me here to AS. I thank God for all of those on this site. I thank God for those individuals who have trusted and opened their hearts to help me heal. Words cannot express what I feel inside. Again, thank you just doesnt seem like enough.
  7. Welcome to AS!!!! I think that you will find this site to be warm, comforting and informative. I think that you will find the members on the site to be strong, courageous, willing to share and most of all non-judgemental. I have always believed that there is strength in numbers and on this site...we are as strong as ever. One thing I learned very quickly after joining AS...you dont have to fear speaking what is on your mind as there is another individual out there who knows EXACTLY what you are thinking and feeling because they have truly been there too. I am here for you. PM me anytime. Again, welcome to the site and know your "journey" is not alone.
  8. Welcome to AS!!! You are a very strong person for coming out and telling what this individual did to you. Pressing charges was the right and smart thing to do. It lets your "abuser" know that he cannot get away with what he has done to you. Like you I am a mom of an 8 year old son. I also have a 4 year old daughter. I am 33 years old. Although I finally told a few members of my family about the "abuse" at the hands of my step brother (I told like 3 years ago) my nightmare has recently continued. My daughter disclosed to me a year ago that while on weekend visitation with her father he touched her. Like you, I am about to face a criminal trial against my ex (he is charged with CSC with a minor first degree) and am scared to death. I am not afraid of him because there is a no contact order in place as part of his bond agreement but the thought of having to testify and my daughter having to testify kills me. Going through this kills me. Having not recovered from my own abuse now I am trying to be there for my daughter and help her. You are doing the right thing. You are a strong individual. You are making sure that this "evil" person cannot hurt you or anyone else again. You are in my prayers. I am here for you if you need a friend. PM me anytime.
  9. Welcome to AS. I do not think it is right for anyone of us to decide if this is the right place for you or not. Believe me after you are on here a few times and read what others have written you will know. You find yourself connecting to others in a lot of different ways. Everyone you meet on this site is so supportive and encouraging. They are genuine and non-judgemental. I hope that you find this site to be a "safe" place as I have. Follow your heart. I was a nervous wreck when my counselor told me to join this site. I kept thinking "yeah right, how is an internet website going to help me with my healing and recovery"....boy I could eat those thoughts now. You have taken the first step in the "process". I will be praying for you. If you need to talk please PM me. I am here for you.
  10. Flop: Just wanted to say welcome. I am new to this "community" as well. I was directed to the After Silence site by my counselor. She suggested as I begin my therapy and start the healing process that I would find some comfort in discussions on here. Everyone has been so warm and welcoming. Please know that along your "journey" if you want to PM me I am here. Like you, there are so many things I feel I need to sort out before I can actually figure out which direction to go in. Maybe we can go down the "road to recovery" together. Jennifer
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