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  1. Thank you all for such positive feed back. I means a lot to be able to finally get a little bit of this off my chest/mind!
  2. WOW! this is great. Thank you all for your kind words. I was actually affriad to come back and see what people wrote! Here's the thing - My neighbor was about 5 years older then me so I guess he was 10 at the time. He would force me to perform oral sex on him and inturn would perform in on me. I never considered it to be homosexual because he'd hand me playboy magazine and such to look at while he was doing so. This went on for quite sometime before I found out what was really going on. It turned out that he was basically recruiting me for his father. He tought me what I need to know then passed me off to his old man. The father always threatened to kill my parents if I mentioned a word of this to anyone, which is why I never came forward back in the day.
  3. It has been almost 30 years since I was sexually molested for over 2 years by my neighbor (who I thought was a friend) and his father. I've never so much as uttered a single word to ANYONE about it EVER until now! I am 36 years old, married with 2 children of my own now. I've made it through, but feel as though it forever changed who I am. I currently take medication for anxiety & depression. My wife always questions me, wondering what I could possibly be depressed about...everything in our life is picture perfect! I wish I could come clean about it but I swore this was something I would take to the grave without ever telling anyone. I was so young, so innocent, and these two monsters opened a door of disgust so early in my life! Why? Why me? I just wish I could've had a normal childhood - playing baseball, riding bikes with friends and eventually grow into adolescence and learn about the birds & The bees the proper way. Like every other normal boy I knew. But NO - I was thrown in head first without even time to blink an eye! Ever since those early years I've often found it hard to make friends. I trusted no one. The friends I did make, I would eventually cut off for no reason whatsoever! I Don't really know what else to say right now except for hello everyone - I'm glad I found this place. And finally was able to let some of my demons out! Side Note: The father has since passed away (no tears there). And the younger neighbor is also married with children as well and actually lives in the same town I do! (GO FIGURE)
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