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  1. Hi Asheley! I think it takes real guts to find your way to this place, but know you are supported here. Sorry you are having such a tough time but don't beat yourself up over it happy external circumstances don't eradicate the internal pain. Big Hug Ray
  2. Thanks for all your welcomes and lovely caring words. Think I'm starting to feel a bit safer here. Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, this is my first post and my heart is pounding. I don't feel terribly safe yet doing this. It's like maybe someone can look through the computer screen and see me sitting here. I think I must still feel pretty ashamed. I'm having therapy at the moment working through childhood abuse and feel I need more support, to connect with others having these experiences seemed a good idea although I'm struggling to read the other posts. I hope it gets easier. I hope I can support some of you too. Why is this so hard? I'm not a child anymore but I feel like one sat here! I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Well as time goes on hope I feel safe enough to share more of myself with you all. Ray.
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