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  1. letsbehappy


    It's all going to be alright, it is just a bad moment. Take it easy. Try to do something you enjoy to get your mind off. Feeling sad is absolutely fine. You can do this!
  2. letsbehappy

    First Entry

    @kiryoku I am really sorry for what happened. It was not your fault and he had no right to do that. I can relate to your partner making you feel guilty, because so did mine when I confronted him. What he was doing in front of the kids is simply inappropriate. I can also relate to freezing, which has caused a lot of confusion to me. I couldn't believe a person I loved so much and who supposedly loved me back could hurt me in such a way. Also I felt like the more I protested the more he liked it. So I just sat there, feeling like my opinion didn't matter, like my voice was not heard. Maybe if I
  3. Hello Ellowynn and welcome to AS I am sorry for your trauma, but I hope you heal. This is a very supportive environment.
  4. Hi! Welcome to AS I am sorry for what brings you here, but glad you have started your healing journey. I recently joined as well and it is a very supportive community.
  5. letsbehappy

    First Entry

    Thank you for your feedback positivevision. I am considering working on myself and giving him one last chance, because this time he was been really supportive and has been trying to help me get over it. If something happens again, I will try to leave the relationship.
  6. Thank you, Mary. I was unsure before reaching out, but I am glad I did.
  7. Thank you so much!! It has been really helpful already
  8. letsbehappy

    First Entry

    that is what i decided to do a while ago. It felt/feels wrong, really wrong whether rape or not.
  9. letsbehappy

    First Entry

    I was also so confused for a long time and I still am. Some days I recognise it, others I struggle fearing that I am making it up or exaggerating Thank you girl
  10. letsbehappy

    First Entry

    Thank you for understanding strong2long. It makes me fell less alone. I am sorry you went through something similar
  11. Hello Brunetta, I am a newbie as well This seems like a safe space to address these issues. Healing is not a straightforward process. Sometimes you may feel like you are taking steps back by denying the abuse. But it is all part of healing and ultimately you will get there. I am sorry you went through that. You didn't deserve it, but what you do deserve is to feel better I experience denial at times. It makes things easier I guess. Yet, overall it doesn't help healing. In my opinion, accepting that the abuse happened and finding a way to move forward with your life is what helps the mos
  12. letsbehappy

    First Entry

    Hello everyone, I recently joined AS to help myself heal as I don't have a support system in real life. I figured that maybe communicating with other survivors who have been through similar stuff could help me feel better and maybe figure out my life. I was sexually abused by my ex-partner when I was a teenager. It caused me significant pain but somehow I found the strength and the coping mechanisms to move. I met a wonderful guy, who is currently my partner. I never thought that person could hurt me. Yet, he did. He forced himself on me when he knew I wasn't up for it. So he basically ra
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