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  1. Welcome to AS Everybody is nervous when they first come here so it perfectly normal. I hope you settle in well here
  2. hey welcome to AS I hope you find it helpful. I'm new here and I have find the people here very supportive
  3. Welcome to As fellow newbie I'm glad that you have found a therapist that is helping you
  4. Thank you for the welcomes. Still feel kinda lost here though
  5. Hi I'm a bit nervous because I am pretty new to forums with a lot of members. I was raped 7 months ago on New year's eve and I suffer from severe flashbacks. I also suffer from panic attacks and I have recently felt scared or anxious for no obvious reason. I don't have much support because my "friends" took the side of the man who raped me because they are loyal to his sister who was also my best friend. I only have my parents and my counsellor for support and sometimes I don't feel that they truly understand what I am going through.
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