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  1. Shaantiamor... unfortunately, I can relate. I guess that's why I'm back again, after another break for a couple years. And this has actually been going on for awhile now. Sometimes I guess it's just easier to sweep it under the rug. I want what we used to have before we had been married 20 something years. Before I opened up to him and let him into my dark past. It used to be so easy when we were younger. Before he knew. And he's been so good to me. He understands as much as possible. I wish I had some miracle fix for you, and for me. I'll think on it for a while and try to come back with some kind of an answer. What I can say, is when we do it's usually great that one time a year. It's a lot of guilt to live with. And then after I feel guilt, especially if I wasn't able to keep the ghosts from the past out of the bedroom. And I'm relieved that I'm off the hook for awhile. And sometimes giving in just gives him the idea that I'm ok now. I've been throughy therapized over this. For me, it comes up when I have any kind of health issue. Could be a common cold, this time it's a serious injury that could actually give me a great excuse not to. Maybe someone will come along on this thread and give us both an ah ha moment. I love my husband. We've been though a lot together and he must love me a whole lot too, to keep sticking around. And I'm sure your partner does too, since you're here looking for a solution. And really maybe I know the answer. Communication is key. I know this from experience, yet it's easier said than done. And the world is a strange place to be these days. Hang in there, it will get better, then worse and better in between. Keep a good foundation. As long as the foundation is good. The rest can be fixed eventually. Any advice anyone has on this subject would be very welcome. Safe hugs to you, if that's ok. ❤

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