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  1. What Did You Do For You Today?

    I went to Baskin Robbins with my mom and had lots of yummy ice cream.
  2. What Did You Do For You Today?

    I cleaned up my apartment today, which made me feel better. I guess cleaning just does that, for some reason.
  3. What Did You Do For You Today?

    I went to the dentist, which made me really anxious, so I am treating myself to apple pie and peppermint ice cream.
  4. What Did You Do For You Today?

    I slept in, and then went grocery shopping, and treated myself to some ginger beer.
  5. I haven't gone a single day in the past year without thinking about it. I thought it would be easier when I went to university, since I was going out of state and away from Him, but it almost got harder. At least at home I could curl up in my room and pretend it didn't happen; at school there were mandatory seminars about it, and fliers on the wall talking about support groups and what you can do if it happens to you, and I understand, those are important (especially on a college campus), but it still got me thinking about it when all I wanted was to walk to class without flinching whenever someone bumped into me from behind. And now, with the anniversary coming up....it's almost impossible not to think about it.
  6. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    I have decidedly more than five choice words to give you, but if I must choose.... Leave me the fuck alone.
  7. What Did You Do For You Today?

    I had my best friend over for coffee this morning, and watched reruns of my favorite tv show.