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  1. Hi Rachel, am new too to the site. am hoping to find some better ways of dealing with things here. Hope you can too.
  2. thankyou It's just that I dont know what to do exactly about anything and I feel so alone all the time because I can't talk to anyone but maybe this place will be good for me and I can get some answeres
  3. Nonnie, sorry for what you have been through. I have just joined this forum also but have been reading through some of the posts. There are lots of supportive people who are on this site and from what I have seen, this is a safe place for you to tell your story. To have kept it to yourself for so long must be so hard, but let the people here listen and support you.
  4. Annmw78


    Hi everyone. Am new here and hoping to find some people who understand what life as a survivor is like. Its a lonely world out there amongst those who haven't experienced what we have.
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