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    books, crime drama tv series, my two wonderful dogs who help me through the day :) the sun, different types of food

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  1. !!Possible Trigger Warning!! The other day i was reading a news paper when i saw a familiar face on the front page, it was my childhood friend and she was molested by her father who is now in prison for 3 years. at first this girl wanted to stay anonymous until one day she wanted to inspire others in her position to come out and tell authorities. reading her story i though wow she is so brave and has a lot of guts then i started thinking to myself i want to get my story out there of what my uncle did to me and my four other cousins and so i found this website and after a few post on this sit
  2. hi jenny and welcome to AS i really hope youre able to speak to a therapist. ive only been here a couple days now and ive already got a smile on my face, i have had 4 years to heal still not fully healed yet but AS has some brilliant advice and some really nice people who wont judge and are only here to help its like an online therapy session anyways i hope you start feeling better and things pick up for you :bighug:
  3. hi elle Thank you for your post i am sure i will find the friends and comfort we all deserve x
  4. so true, no matter how hard you try to block it out you just cant till one day you realize you just have to talk about it. took me 4 years and now i am ready to talk about it. hopefully we can help eachother in the healing process and you can one day share your story i hope we can help each other and it is nice to meet you x
  5. hi im new too. i guess sometimes familly just doesnt understand how we feel and just do not want to accept what has happened.. if youre still at school i recommend you talk to a school councilor or something like that. or even a doctor? they are really great for listening and helping. i hope your mother finally understands and helps you! this site im sure will be able to help with your healing process in some way and things always get better, whole life a head of you so make the most of it x
  6. hi everyone. my name is rachel and i am 17 years old, 18 soon cant wait! anyways the reason i joined this page is because i recent started having flash backs and feeling terribly guilty for allowiong my attacker to get away with what he did but the reason i allowed him to was because he was my uncle and i love my granny very much and didnt have the heart to send her son to prison or whatever punishment he would have gotten for sexually abusing me. there are 5 female cousins including myself that are related to this man and it turns out he got to us all and i was the last girl he got to. he is
  7. this is just some stuff that help me through the day including my two dogs, with them im never alone :) as sometimes the best company is from animals.
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