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  1. Nonnie

    Have You Writen A Book

    very good ! what is the name of your book I would love to read it
  2. Nonnie

    Hi, I'm New

    welcome Liams cant wait to chat with u
  3. Nonnie

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    do you write books
  4. has any one writen a book about thier life If you have I would like to read it I have writen my story but I am too afraid to put it out there as my father is still living there is One book out there about me and my Family "Unjust Treatment" The true story of Jo Ann Dewey and the Wilson Brothers it was writen by my theripest .
  5. I haven't left my house now for over 8 months I got my curage up one day last week , It was so sunny outside and the flowers are all blooming now. I am in an over 55 and over park and I finaly felt that I could go out for a walk . I got only about 100 feet from my house and met another woman coming around the corner I plesently said hello to her , she looked about 80 something and walked with a cain suddenly she came up close to and got right into my face almost touching me I moved away from her and she said I KNOW YOU ! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN i ASURED HER THAT SHE WAS WRONG BUT SHE INSISTED THAT SHE KNEW ME AND SHE SAID THAT SHE LOVED ME AND THAT SHE WAS SORRY FOR ME ! I do not know who this person is . I thanked her polightly and told her that I had to go . I did not return to my house at that time as I did not want her to know where I lived so I walked on untill she was away from my house .I returned home and I have not been back out sence that day will I never be free ?I never learned to ride a bike I cant go for simple walks I want to move compleatly away and live at the beach and let the water wash it all away I think It would be peacefull there
  6. what should I do? should I publish my book and take the risk or keep still and let him get away with it
  7. thankyou write to me soon
  8. thank you for hearing me
  9. I need some one to hear me before it's to late, no one will talk to me , no one will listen When people find out who I am they disapear. I have tried to tell someone for 60 years now but they are too afraid to know the truth I've searched for family , that might talk to me ,I just want to know what they know but no one will speak to me when I finaly do locate one of them their eighter dead or will not speak to me. They simply will not face the truth and they can not face me.. My father kept me prisioner for over 10 years. mine is a true story of deceit, sex abuse, child impirsonment and torture, revealing a fathers hidden sexual desires as a child predator and the total abondment of my mother. A story of murder and the notorious "Wilson Brothers" exposing them for the sexual predators they turly were. and ultimatly my fate as a young woman unable to cope with society in my adult life. Possessed by the demon that dwells deep within the shadows of my mind , where it lies in waite , ready to pounce at any moment into my reality. I told a theripest once , she gave me pills and SSI and then she wrote a book about it "Unjust Treatment" and she went away I never saw her again . That was over 30 years ago now and still no one will heare me.
  10. I just need to tell somone before,I die. I am 64 years old now , there's not much time left . I want the world to know what my father has done to me. my story is the true account of deceit, sexual abuse, imprisonment and torture that I endured as a child for more than 10 years of my life.I wish to reveal my fathers hidden sexual desires as a child predator, and the total abandonment of my mother. It is a true story of murder, and I wish to expose them for the sexual predators they truly were. and ultimately my fate as a young woman unable to cope with society in my adult life, locked away in a mental instatution for the sins of my father and my4 uncles. Possesed by the demon that dwells deep within the shadows of my mind,where it lies in waite, ready to pounce at any moment ,into my reality. but I am still too afraid to tell. I cry, I hide, I waite, while one by one they pass from this life receiving forgiveness in their passing and still I am here and no one will talk to me about it . I had a therapist once ,I told her everything, she wrote a book but she sided with them and gave me pills and SSI . I look for answers ,I look for people that might be able to tell me something or just talk to me but when they find out who I am they too disapear. I have no one left now my last aunt died not to long ago and I never got to ask her if she knew about me I have 2 brothers and a sister that shun me since I was 14 my father is the only one of them still living, I too have writen a book so I waite. I don't think it will be too long now.
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