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  1. Thanks for the welcome. I am glad to have found a place that looks like a great community, where the people all seem genuine.
  2. HI Rachel. I'm new here too! So we can get to know people together. See you around.
  3. Hi BCR, I'm sorry that happened to you. I get that for sure. My parents and I have a had a rocky relationship, because of stuff and lack of support. But I think it's always good to try to find people that can understand. Hope you find some people that understand.
  4. I get you on the it's hard to share your story. I don't know if I am able to either, but I guess it's those little steps that will make a difference. I just found this place a little bit ago myself. But I think it looks great.
  5. Hi Jenny! I'm new here, too. And I think it's brave of you to want to share. I think it's a scary thing to do for sure. But I admire anyone who can share. It's cool to see.
  6. Hurricane


    Hi Lia. It's nice to see people come back, makes me feel like this will be a great place to get involved in.
  7. Hurricane


    Hi Karen! I'm from the states as well, West Coast though ;) See you around.
  8. Welcome! I have been doing a lot of browsing around too, and I think it's cool to see how supportive everyone is here! See you around the forums.
  9. Hey Mike I'm new here too! Looking forward to getting to know people on the site. See you around.
  10. Hurricane


    Hi all. I'm new here, feeling a little shy so I might just browse a bit. But I am tired of feeling alone so I wanted to find a place where people understood what I have been going through. Looking forward to get to know people here.
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