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    May you find solace in the gentle arms of sleep
    Despite the wolves outside your door
    In time you will see them all as harmless
    And their idle threats easy to ignore
    And if ever fate should choose to smite you
    Stand your ground, never walk away
    Please dont ever let the world defeat you
    Dont get buried in its decay
    -Lullaby by Assemblage 23

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  1. Welcome di63. I am sorry that you have a need to find AS, but am very glad that you did. Hopefully you can traverse the boards alright. I hope that you find what you are looking for at AS. - Alexis
  2. jesspro, you have such strength to have posted your story. May your healing journey be well. I hope you find what you need here on AS. - Alexis
  3. Amaris, know that you have found much strength. I hope this site helps you as much as it has helped me thus far. - Alexis
  4. Welcome Maria, thank you very much for the kind words for AS. It is truly a wonderful site, and I hope you find what you need here. - Alexis
  5. Hello missrachel. I wish you the best here, and may you be able to find the help you need for healing. - Alexis
  6. Welcome mafrank. May you find the help you are looking for on this site. I am very sorry for your situation. - Alexis
  7. Welcome to AS. Writing and dancing are so wonderful, it is good that you have outlets May you find what you want and need here. Best wishes and thoughts! - Alexis
  8. Welcome to AS. There are many forums, and many helpful people. Hopefully you can find the help in healing you need with the services and wonderful people here.
  9. Welcome to AS, I hope you can find what you need here.
  10. AlexisRain


    Hi Tamme, glad to have met you, and it's totally understandable being very quiet. I've been here for a while now, it took me a few months to get the courage to start talking to people, and it took me over a year and a half to post my story. I hope that you can find what you need here. I am sorry you have a reason to have found us, but I am glad that you have, and hope that AS can help.
  11. Take all the time you need. It's ok, we are always here to help when you feel you can handle sharing, and if you just want to banter in chat, well, we are more than inclined to chat with you too ^.^ I hope that your process of healing goes well for you.
  12. Thank you. I will keep that in mind.
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