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    listening to Praise music and spending time with my husband and children

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  1. Hi Sandy. Nice to meet you!
  2. Nice to meet you to Placebo
  3. Hi Everyone. It has been awhile due to computer issues and taking some healing time for me. Glad to be back and hope to be around the forums a lot more than I have been. Feel free to pm me anytime if you ever need to just unload or chat. Would love to get to know you better.
  4. Hi Beth!! I'm Tamme (Tammy) Welcome to AfterSilence!!! I have only been here a couple days and was really nervous myself so I totally understand. Hope you find the path to healing and encouragement that you are looking for.
  5. Tamme


    Hi Sylv, Glad you mustard up the courage to join. Hope that you find some support and encouragement here. Welcome aboard!
  6. Tamme


    Hi Kendall. Welcome to AS!!!!! Hope you find what you are looking for here. Tamme
  7. Tamme


    Thank you all for the warm welcome.
  8. Tamme


    Thank you dodo
  9. Tamme


    Hi, A friend told me about this place. Said they thought it would help me. To be real honest really scared about being here. I am a quiet person until I get to know you so please understand if I don't say much at all.
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