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  1. The Healing Quotes Thread!

    Semper fidelis. (Latin proverb meaning "Always lucky/loyal") Eternity lasts long, especially towards the end (Woody Allen) Pray that your loneliness becomes the stitch to find something to live for - big enough to die for it... (Dag Hammarskjöld) We who still labour by the cromlech on the shore, the gray cairn on the hill, when day sinks, drowned in dew, being weary of the world's empires, bow down to you, Master of the still stars and of the flaming door. W.B.Yeats
  2. Survived And Now I'm Here!

    Hi and welcome to AS
  3. I Really Need Someone :needahug:

    Hi Moreta, first of all, welcome to AS. It's a huge step you've taken by joining us...... I'm rather sure that we can help you. Regarding your post I know this..... I did it, too. U are not alone in it..... and, another thing: Again, I went through it aswell. It is still hard for me to believe it - but we ARE survivors, and we can be proud of it. I just want you to know that you are NOT alone. Feel free to send me a PM or to add me on MSN, if you feel the need to share something. if ok. Free
  4. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    VANISH from my life, as*hole. (in German, the pr*ck does not speak English)
  5. Hi There...

    Thank you for this warm "be welcome" :-)
  6. Hi There...

    Hi you, I'm new here..... I really like the outer appearance of this Forum, and I would really like to find some comforting words and encouragement here. I am a survivor, it happened several years ago, but I'm still having problems. And I'd just like to exchange thoughts, discuss,..... with people who understand me and what it means to be a survivor. Please don't wonder about my English, I am from Germany and still learning, but I'm trying to keep my posts understandable and free from mistakes....... yours, free(frog)