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    Music, Art, Poetry, I'm in college and I work with mentally disabled people in group homes. Hiking and biking....having fun and making people laugh!!

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  1. Hey Dean I'm sorry for what you went through; But I'm glad that you have been able to get past it and now call yourself a Survivor! That's a huge step in itself. Hope to see you around, Amanda
  2. and if you don't want your email inbox filled with emails, you can "subscribe" to a topic, in your settings. And also in your "my controls" It gives you a list of recently read topics.
  3. Welcome to AS! I hope you learn that it's safe here, and you get rid of that wound once and for all. Although I've only been here a couple days, I feel that it's welcoming, and I like it here I think until you confront it (your story) you may feel deeply hurt (maybe even uncomfortable, however you're feeling now)...But know that once you tell your story, it's still going to be hard until you get past the whole 'how will people take this'...Good news- being online gives you the privacy you need! After you get past it it'll help...it's one of the big steps in getting through the healing stage
  4. My parents know. I said that in my original post then edited it cause I really, REALLY don't want to trigger someone. I actually told my mom cause I had been sick for a couple weeks and thought I was pregnant....just that I had been raped though. I hadn't originally planned to tell her it was my brother because I didn't want to be a statistic/break up the family. when she took me to the police station I knew I had to tell...We were best friends before that...Now we constantly fight. Anytime my brother gets brought up (he was kicked out of the house by the state, and i had a social worker, etc,
  5. Heya! My name is Amanda, and I'm a Survivor of rape. I have been for almost 3 years now, and it went on for about 3 years before I said anything. I'm here because my abuser was my brother, so I can't talk to my parents, or sister about it, and both of my best friends had crushes on him and one of them dated him- so I can't really talk to them!! I'm sure many of you know how that feels...So that's why I'm here. I'd also like to try and help/lend an ear to those who need comfort and I'm always giving out virtual hugs if that's ok too! A little bit about me; I'm 19, in college and I live in
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