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  1. rob, males and females are all most definitely welcome here. the main thing is that you are a survivor and you want to heal. nobody here is going to judge you. i hope you feel as welcome as you possibly can feel.
  2. hello, and welcome, silverbird!
  3. welcome, anbb. i think a lot of us here can relate to not having anyone around us that understands... that's why many of us are here (myself included). glad you found your way here. xoxo
  4. Hi Nea, I'm so glad you're here and that you've decided to make an effort to stop hurting yourself. xoxo
  5. Barb, glad to have you here! welcome.
  6. stacy, hi and welcome. hope you find some comfort here.
  7. lauren, i'm so sorry you had to go through that twice. i'm glad that you are sober and eating now. welcome to AS. i'm 25 and have a lot of similar feelings to what you describe. my self esteem has gotten better... i still have hardly any friends. especially friends i can actually TALK to about how i feel and what is going on. i have a lot of online friends through my livejournal, which helps... you can email me if you want to talk at butterfly_girl232@yahoo.com. i hope this community helps you... xoxo jessica
  8. welcome little sapphire! a sapphire is my favorite stone...
  9. hi & welcome. i'm somewhat new here still myself, but so far have found it to be a wonderfully supportive place. i hope you find the same. xo
  10. elenfair, it sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders & a good outlook on all of this, at the very very least... stay strong. xoxo
  11. what an inspiring topic. i made extra time this morning for myself to sit down and read for twenty minutes before coming in to work. last night, i went to my favorite yoga class. xoxo
  12. elenfair-- I can relate... having a trauma come up again years later is hard & it sucks! i have had PTSD for several years now and I always feel so frustrated when i start to have flashbacks/panic attacks/nightmares yet again. try to remember that all this stuff is happening to teach you something... and someday it really WILL get better. in the meantime, know that lots of people can relate. what kind of dogs do you have? mine is a black lab mix and he is my best friend! xoxo jess
  13. hi leah... glad that you're here. i hope you're doing well today. xoxo jess
  14. Daydreamer--I totally understand how that is! That's exactly how it was for me, for years and years with my family & they also felt very torn between me and my abuser. as long as you don't blame yourself for what your family goes through--I did that to myself for years & it is a waste of time and energy. you've done the best you can by being honest with them and I'm glad they try to support you... xox
  15. hey, i'm really glad you're here. i know what you mean, i feel alone in crowds all the time. i'm feeling especially alone right now, lately. anyway, it's good that you're here. i haven't been here long but so far i find this message board very helpful. even to just know that there are that many people out there that understand.
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