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    I like to spend time watching moving and playing on the computer, I love walking up in the bsuh evan if I do get bitten and scatched and what not. <br />I love listening to music and I love to play my flute and my soon to have key bored hehe
  1. Hey welcome to the site! I am sure you will like it here! ~*Leah*~ xoxo
  2. hey thanx for all you welcomes your such nice people! catcha ~*LEAH*~
  3. I played a few jaokes on my friends and we joked and mucked around a bit! that always puts a smile to my face
  4. Hi my name is Leah and daydreemer recomemned me to the site I am 14 yrs old if u hav anyother questions just ask! From Leah!
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