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  1. Thanks everyone... It IS amazing how these things come back, sometimes a while after things seem to have calmed down. I imagine there are still things I need to process, integrate and deal with before I can continue moving on. While it's... discouraging... I know I've done it before and that, on all accounts, this time around should be slightly easier. I wish everyone here the best in their recovery... it's odd to be feeling both saddened AND grateful all at once: grateful to have found people who can relate and understand, and saddened because I, too, know what made them gather here in t
  2. Welcome aboard! I'm new here too. This does seem like a nice place to share and get support n' help out others who are in the same kind of situation we're in. Welcome Glad to meetcha. Elly
  3. Thank you - both of you - for the warm welcome. I hope I can help others, too, through my experience and the things I've learned. I think the sharing is half the healing battle... I'm glad to be here. Hopefully I'll gather the courage to share my story again. Life's a path that's plagued with uncertainty - this is no different. The upside is finding people who truly do understand and who, while they can't make the journey for you or necessarily point the way, can cheer you on as you go by. I'm grateful for that.
  4. Hi... I'm glad to have found this place. It's been a while since things have happened to me - I got good help quickly after things happened. I remained in therapy a while. I thought things were better - and they are, in many ways... I managed to put my life together again, got married, have a loving husband and wounderful dogs with whom I share my life. And now, after all these years (about 6 of them), it comes back to haunt me. The nightmares are back. The flashbacks are back. I'm having trouble focusing again. I get scared for no reason. The anxiety is tracking me at every step an
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