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    Drawing, Writing, Photography, Jewellery making, Scrapbooking - nearly anything creative.

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  1. Hi Welcome to AS i hope you find what you are looking for here - people on here are lovely so im sure you will find AS as some sort of comfort. Take care x
  2. Awwwwwwww! Dawn i missed you! Welcome back!
  3. Wlcome back Sorry to hear your going through such a hard time right now we are all here for you. Take care x
  4. *sigh* i dont know...feels like mines disappeared
  5. Inner child: "You suck, your art sucks, your jewellery sucks, your life sucks, everything about you sucks!" Me; "I know" *sigh*
  6. Hi Sarah! Welcome to AS i hope u find support and freinds on here like i have. Everyones so understanding and caring. Nice to see u posting. Take care. Daydreamer (also sarah hehe) x
  7. Daydreamer


    Hi Sara im glad u joined. Welcome to AS Take care. Daydreamer x
  8. Me and my inner child are barely speaking. My mind decides to do things, like go and find a job. But my inner child wont budge. Shes holding me down and the weight is too much i cant stand. Shes too tired. I dunno what 2 do
  9. I meg. Welcome to As. Take care. Daydreamer x
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