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  1. Nevermind it came back. Must have been my browser or something.
  2. I was looking for it and it seems to have disappeared.
  3. Thanks for the support. It would be great if we could see this happen because oftentimes when I find another survivor with a female perp they're surprised that they aren't the only one, unless they've been around here for a while.
  4. There are a lot of unique factors but I think this group would be especially important because oftentimes other survivors might make comments like, "why do men think it's okay to..." or "men need to learn..." etc. and there is a sense of sisterhood among the general population that we (as male or female survivors of female abusers) can't take for granted. Also, I think there are sometimes users who aren't even aware that females can do such things, or who might champion the legal definitions which do not acknowledge rape by a woman as rape in every state.
  5. So I've noticed that we have special forums for female survivors, male survivors, and transgendered survivors and I think that's a good idea. I was wondering if maybe we could get a subforum like this for victims of female abusers. Sometimes those issues can be pretty unique and it might be nice to be able to talk about the specific experience of having a female abuser someplace. Thanks for reading.
  6. Yeah, nice meeting you guys. Anyone who wants to can PM me.
  7. Hey! I think I met you on pandys the other day (under another name). If you're the same Freckles, I'm dreamstalked on there. What's up?
  8. Thanks everyone! I do appreciate it.
  9. 1.) "SHE'S GONE, SHE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU, HER LIFE HAS MOVED ON SO STOP BRINGING HER UP AND STOP THINKING ABOUT HER BECAUSE SHE SURE AS HELL ISN'T THINKING ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My mother, about my perp. 2.) "Well maybe not NOW...but someday maybe." My therapist, when I asked if anyone would miss me if I died. 3.) "Make sure you always keep karma in mind." My perp. This would be a totally acceptable quote except coming from her wtf????? 4.) "Girls don't really rape that much. The only thing you really have to worry about is men." My former best friend. 5.) "Why would SHE (my perp) give you nightmares, that is RIDICULOUS..." Perp's best friend.
  10. Hi, I'm new here. My name isn't Rain, but you can call me that because it's an abridged form of my username so you probably will anyway. I'm nineteen-years-old, about to be a sophomore in college, unemployed (much to my dismay), a poet and novelist, and more likely than not a survivor. My "dark day" as they call it was December 27, 2004, yet it didn't dawn on me until about two months ago, when I was up late studying, that I could actually call what happened to me "rape." Anywho...that's not a very important detail about me. What might be more interesting is that I'm Pagan, I'm an artist, a cartoonist, a writer as mentioned, a vivid dreamer, a Tarot card reader, a lesbian, and something of an artsy goth. I find all those things more revealing about me than my survivor status, which I did nothing to earn.
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