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Issue #2



I find navigating in this world very difficult due to my past experiences. I struggle to understand the right things to say ,how to react in certain situations and investing my time in the things I should.I find everyday occurrences to be very challenging and difficult. I would like to share my struggle with you if you have the time to see if a problem shared is a problem halved.

Issue #2

How do you be ok when your not? How do you keep going when you have nothing left? Where do you get the energy or motivation to change your life around when life has been so difficult up to now? I have a few things in my life that bring me the only sparkle of hope and happiness like my daughter :) I just feel so weak and don't know how to be ok? Me and my partner (my daughters father) have recently split up and when he takes her for the evening or day I seem to just breakdown and have like a mini meltdown til she gets back and I have a reason to put on my brave face.

I find myself gong out at any opportunity I can to fill the lonely gaps between having her and although actually drinking or getting drunk doesn't seem to be my obsession I just seem to feel the need to be out all of the time. How do you find happiness with in yourself? How do you appreciate your own company? I'm just really finding tough right now and feel like a terrible mother that carnt pick myself up and dust myself off.

So what I'm asking this time is,how do you fill the void of being alone? How do you become happy with yourself? Will I ever pick myself up? How can I get my life in check? When will I be ok? What I'm really asking is what would you do?

Thanks leanneGeorge xx


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