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Feeling Stuck

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I am writing this at 3am I have to be up by 7am for work so tomorrow/today should be real fun. I have been so overwhelmed and anxious/stressed lately. I have had a lot going on in life and worrying about my loved ones during this time and other normal life problems but on top of all of that I have been struggling with feeling like when it comes to my family that I will always be "The Victim" and I knew going into this and telling my family about my assault that there was a chance that would happen but I knew I needed to protect my nieces (my sister's kids) from my brother and if I had to do again I wouldn't change a single thing I just hope we can move on as a family so that I can move on with my life and stop feeling so stuck in the past.

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If you were abused  by your brother then you did the right thing by speaking up.

I'm sorry if that is not what you are saying,  I'm new


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Whoever assaulted you should feel the words hit the wind that brushes their face...instead f hiding it. They had the Gaul to do it to you..make them face it at whatever cost. Period. No regrets. They did not have any. Push throughout the pain and the denial. It will change someone’s life if you know it or not. Good job!!!

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