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Six boxes



My sister Carina passed two long weeks ago, I went home for the funeral and ended up going through her belongings from 32 short years. I kept some of her books, her electic cd collection and some of her sketches, which all fit into six boxes which are now being shipped to me. I do not want the damn boxes, I want her back, I want to hear her whine about her room mates, laugh at her dating disasters, then tell her how sorry I am I believed my mom when she told me she was the strong one, the one who would make it into the world, unlike me. I am so sorry I let mom gaslight me that she was stable, so sorry. In addition to the six boxes, I gained a dad, a safe dad that tells me he loves me, introduces me as his daughter, offers help and I thought that is what I wanted but I would give up and those damn six boxes to have her back again. Teleah


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