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Big banking... and financial wheel of power and violence

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Over the weekend, I took the opportunity to leverage my own voice on behalf of however many thousands if not millions were impacted by the horrifying behavior of Wells Fargo.  I related and articulated on those regulatory-mandated recorded lines my own personal story (paraphrased) and how the financial sector itself perpetuates interpersonal violence.

My point was... we are in a zero-trust arena in the field of cybersecurity.  Two of their former retired employees exerted obnoxious and highly unprofessional behavior here at the local level, while maintaining their OWN retirement as well as InfraGard positions plus other board memberships.

I don't tolerate 'the old boy network' with other women also siding with them --- because that hurts communities.  It's deceptive, malicious and vengeful.  Group mobbing the supposed weakest link because of disability challenges is perhaps the sickest thing I've had to endure.

Banks as such at the Executive level will indeed continue to be berated directly and just maybe... it might kick in their brain cells into a new pattern.  The 'war on terror' we purportedly fought inside the financial entities didn't quite catch our own bastard problem inside hurting Americans.

I intend to change that.

Have a great day!

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