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Harassment and embarrassment



To whom it may concern,

I don't get it. I mean I really don't get it. I'm a very quiet person. I don't stand out unless I feel comfortable. I do not wear provocative clothing cause I don't like eyes on me. I wear my glasses and hide behind my hair and yet still, it never stops. 

Why do certain people feel the need to make me feel so small and uncomfortable.

I am working at a factory. I love this job. I actually kinda feel comfortable there and have a few friends who make me laugh. We were full coverage uniforms so you couldn't see anything interesting even if you tried your best to picture me naked. Point is, somehow, I've managed to attract the attention of a man who is in no way a good match so to speak. He's like 10 years older then me, he's so unsettling when he stands right behind me. He tries to make conversation and I'm always happy to but just certain things he says...and my friend is trying to help me avoid him seeing as there have been many a sexual harassment claim against him. I just wanna feel safe and I can't even feel safe at work. 

More so there's now a lady in HR who is harassing me. Not sexually but kinda...I don't know how to explain this. Point is, she has called me over 4 times now. My uniform used to be a medium and that's super duper except I have....large...breasts. Point is, the top button of my shirt was undone. Not suppose to be. The first time she stops me I say "Oh I'm so sorry I will do it up." the second time she stops me...it's not even undone but she claims it had been...so I say "Oh I'm sorry I'll wear a shirt underneath just in case" I start wearing t-shirts under my uniform and get a large uniform shirt. The third time, I was annoyed. I was late for work, my supervisor was about to start morning meeting and I had to get going to I look at my button say "It's buttoned and if it's not then sorry. Big boobs." 

Now in hindsight, I probably shouldn't of said that. It was a little passive-aggressive. But when my employer calls me at lunch break and asks me to meet them in their office, I thought nothing of it. 

Conversation went a little something like this...

Me: "Hey there employer (not gonna use names so EM is the go to) How are you?

EM: "Hey Alice, so bit*h called us again complaining about your button at morning meeting. The thing is we know your button was done up cause we were at morning meeting so bit*h has nothing to complain about."

Me: "I don't know how to please her but I'm really starting to get annoyed. This is ridiculous. I see hundred of people with their button undone. Why is bit*h picking on me?"

EM: "Probably cause she's jealous of your boobs"


EM: "I'll have a talk with her just...I don't know...wear a safety pin and like make it super obvious so she knows how fucking ridiculous she's being."


I mean seriously? A safety pin? For what! Even if I pushed up my tits, took that one button off and bent over, you still couldn't see my boobs. So why am I being singled out like this. Of all things, I mean I always thought HR would be there to protect me not shame me. It's really embarrassing when I get pulled aside going in to work by HR, in front of ALL of my coworkers and get a nice little speech about putting my button back on. It's gotten so ridiculous, it's now become an ongoing joke. People will walk by me and take the one button off and laugh! I just wanna go to work, have an ok day and then go home. That's it...

Sincerely yours,



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