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The ball room

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On the dance floor I’m spinning 

Guys twirl me, in hopes they may be winning

Dance after dance they’re all the same

Acting like I’m a prize, the ultimate game

Stretching out their hand as invitation, asking if I want to play

No, I don’t want to, but I take their hand any way

Suddenly He grabs my hand, imagining his own success 

Whispers in my ear, calling me his princess 

Guys try for another dance, but he won’t let go of my hand

My stair begs for help, but none of them under stand

Spinning and spinning, every third spin , I see you

The only one who doesn’t notice me, but I need u to 

Bright lights make the top of my dress sparkle its shaped like a heart

Lined with shiny silver, gliding his hand over it, he tells me it’s his favorite part

His hands tighten around my waist, making it hard to breath

I’ve targeted u out, I want u to save me, help me leave 

Every ones staring, but no one notices his threatening glare 

Women whisper around us, saying we’re the perfect pair

I can only breathe when he lets go to let me spin

Noise starts fading around me, the lights are growing dim

Desperately searching needing you or someone to save me

Because I’m trapped, caged, his slave I’ll always be

Spinning and spinning I don’t know how to get away

Screaming out, but no one hears what I have to say

Finally he finds something else, from the ball he does disappear 

fear of him coming back, it lingers and haunts, I can’t see clear

I begged u and everyone to help, no one understood 

‘How can such an honorable man, not be good?’

Realizing the truth, something I never knew

No one could have saved me, not him her or you

My only hope is to start now and Tell the truth from the beggining

 Finally relief Overwhelms me, I’m still, and the  room stops spinning 

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