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Auburn Angel


Her down to earth personality

Becomes visible for all to see:

Terrestrial angel bedecks the land,

In auburn foliage garishly grand.

Nature's canvass depicts flawlessly

Her down to earth personality,

That silently draws an owl - wise and old,

To her side where she stands out in gold.

Despite the dagger worn on her waist,

The wise old bird has good judgment and taste.

Her down to earth personality

Evokes trust in all life, wild and free.

The dagger she adorns on her cincture,

Meant for their protection to be ensured,

But their best defense from danger would be:

Her down to earth personality.


Note: This was meant as an attempt at writing a Quatern (described below), however I forgot about the 8 syllable rule - and therefore failed.

A Quatern is a sixteen line French form composed of four quatrains. It is similar to the Kyrielle and the Retourne. It has a refrain that is in a different place in each quatrain. The first line of stanza one is the second line of stanza two, third line of stanza three, and fouth line of stanza four. A quatern has eight syllables per line. It does not have to be iambic or follow a set rhyme scheme.

line 1

line 2

line 3

line 4

line 5

line 6 (line 1)

line 7

line 8

line 9

line 10

line 11 (line 1)

line 12

line 13

line 14

line 15

line 16 (line 1)


I'm A Tree

My youthful roots,

firm, yet exposed,

ground my slender trunk -

concealed by taut bark,

already defaced by humankind.

My elongated, twiggy branches

extend towards the heavens,

not in surrender,

but in a silent plea for healing tears

from above.

A cleansing shower

of nourishment to my very essence,

causing growth.

Manifesting blossoms in my foliage,

my inner beauty is exposed...


The Sky

The sky is blue during the day,

on bouncy clouds birdies play.

Then the yellow sun turns white,

and the blue sky turns black at night.

Sometimes clouds get sad and cry,

And their tears fall down from the sky.

Note: Prompt was to write about the sky in a poem, in the eyes of a 7 year old you. This is pretty much how I figure I'd have regarded the sky when I was 7.


Evil ghosts of my past...

A bitter lemon,

once ripe and delicious -

Once, a big part of my life -

has dried out and rotted:

lost it's vibrancy.

Lost their power over me.

Angels of my past...

A cupcake,

once moist and comforting -

Once, always there for me -

has hardened, dehydrated:

grown bacteria.

have grown apart from me.

I can see these...

ancient artifacts,

decaying with each passing day -

ancient memories -

to take a bite now,

to dwell on them now,

undoubtedly would make me sick.

would be nothing short of foolish.

Memories, however positive or negative, cannot be changed:

To reside in the past is to contaminate one's present.


Immitating Peace


Nature's warm candlelight glows and reflects

Off her beautiful gown of solid white,

Illuminating her dark empty space,

Resulting in peaceful short-term delight.

Sitting thoughtfully beside my window,

I try to mimic this inspiration.

Dressed in white - with a candle in my hand,

I recreate peace by imitation...


Pop! Bang! Sizzle! I startle at the noise

That sounds like rice krispies - amped on steroids.

Did a car backfire? A gun fight break out?

What in the world could such noise be about?

Once at the window, my eyes search the night

Sizzle! Pop-Pop! I'm greeted by a sight:

A man-made evening art show in the sky

Red, white and blue for the fourth of July.

Pop! Bang! Bang! I watch colors as they burst.

Rainbows are destroyed - their remnants dispersed.

I mourn their dying ashes as they fall,

Camouflaged by the night, so dark and small.

Sizzle! Bang! Pop! Another rainbow - gone

The massacre will proceed until dawn.


The moon is spilling through the window pane

Its tranquil beauty capturing my eyes

Illuminating the navy blue skies

Revealing silhouettes the world contains

Moonlight and shadows spill across my face

While an orchestra outside fills my ears

Crickets' lullabies are heard loud and clear

Their peaceful music filling empty space

As the moon is spilling through the window

I gaze upon its surface dimly lit

Wond'ring if a loved one also sees it

Such a thought sets my heart and smile aglow

The moon is spilling through the window pane

Inspiring hope that cannot be restrained


In A Perfect World

Seven deadly sins won't exist

To make the world a better place

I'd wish away war - saving grace

Seven deadly sins won't exist

And illnesses would not be missed

With perfect health being embraced

Seven deadly sins won't exist

To make the world a better place


Romantic Scenes

I'll paint you a scene - like street artists do

While music plays on, romantic in tune

Where expensive cuisine - like escargot

Can be paired with beverages like Bordeaux

Historic buildings are tourist hot spots

Cameras trying to get the perfect shot

On the Eiffel Tower, way up above

Lonely, romantic singles vie for love

In beautiful places filled with allure,

Hopes are high in this city of amour

Night beckons you to take an evening stroll

Beautiful street lights enlighten your soul

I caution you of one thing to beware:

You may not want to leave once you are there.


Bitter Heart


You keep your jar locked - stored just out of reach,

You're afraid the insides will be breached.

But I can see what's in your jar -

How lovely those contents are.

Fragile feelings in need,

Begging to be freed -

Remove the seal,

Let time heal

Your tart



My Mother's Smile

I love how easy it becomes to smile

Just hearing your voice across the miles

The voice I used to ignore as a teen

Now puts me at ease - makes me feel serene

I love how your smile sends my heart soaring

Leaping out of me without much warning

Even throughout those rebellious years

Your beautiful grin has eased many tears

I love how your eyes light up like diamonds

When your lips are curved - you look your finest

Nothing in the world could ever compare

To the way you smile, so precious and rare.

I love how the years have only enhanced

A smile so bright it could make the sun dance


Roses are red - they're also blue,

Rhyme or free verse, poetry's art -

It's a shame to pick them apart.

Roses are red - they're also blue,

They're beautiful in any hue,

Seen by the eyes, felt by the heart,

Roses are red - they're also blue,

Rhyme or free verse, poetry's art.


Infinite Love

Love is forever, knows no end,

Let's talk about how it begins...

Before our time it does transcend.

Love is forever, knows no end,

I fell in love with my best friend

Death can't kill the feelings within.

Love is forever, knows no end,

Let's talk about how it begins...


The Happiest Day, The Happiest Hour

In Youth I have Known One filled with flowers

The Bells nearby rang out a Serenade

Announcing Romance by The Lake man-made

To My Mother it was A dream come true

As the Bridal Ballad made its debut

Dreams are made in The Forest Reverie

Fairy-Land by The City In the Sea


Author Notes:

This was a poem I wrote based on a prompt (on allpoetry) in a contest. The prompt is this:

Choose a poet (Famous, dead or alive).

Write a list of 10-20 of the titles of their poems.

Construct a poem using all of the titles you've selected (like Quilting!)

You may link the titles together with your own words.

Poet Chosen: Edgar Allan Poe

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