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I am new here...it's been nine years since my experience. I just started seeing a therapist last May and he was helping me deal with a medical crisis. It was not until 2 weeks ago that he told me it was time to deal with the root of my problems. It happened to me nine years ago, I still have a hard time saying it, I was raped. I was told that I have ptsd from what happened, as you tell I am dealing with demons that I thought I put away many years ago. I am uncertain if this is the right place for me to come but it's time to stop being numb and deal with that night.

Thanks for any support

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welcome to AS :hug:

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Hi and welcome to AS!

It took me many years to begin to talk about it as well - and I started here at AS. This is a very supportive environment and really helps to know you are not alone.



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Hi Taylor and welcome to AS :flowers:

I'm glad you found this site - its the safest place to be when healing. This place is full of warm caring people who will be there when you need them. Its a wonderful place to open up, when you are ready.

I also wanted to say Its so normal to have everything come back and haunt you years after the event and I'm so sorry hon. Anything I can do please pm me any time.

Love and hugs

Bewitched :hug:

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Hey there, and Welcome to AS.

I feel that this is the right place for you to come :hug:

We are here to support you, and to care for you, and we will do our best to help you through what you have experienced and what you are dealing with through your therapy - we have a whole forum, just for talking about things relating to therapy.

I am glad that you have reached out to support here, and I think you have taken a very important step in your healing :hug: - I think that is very brave of you, and please know we are here to help you :hug:

Please take gentle care, and remember you can PM me anytime :)


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